Happy Valentine's Day DIY Magic Greeting Card - Changes Color HD

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#DIY #Valentine #Magic #Love #Card - How to make love slider magic card.

Make a magic greeting card for Valentine's Day that changes its color on going through the slider!

This is a great card making activity for kids as well as adults. On the occasion of Valentine's Day on February 14, Crafting Hours brings you a stunning magic card that changes color on pulling the tab of slider.

You will not only enjoy making this homemade Valentine card but your valentine will be delighted to receive this card. Moreover, it is not tough to make this handmade Valentine card at home. You just need to follow the magic slider instructions in this video tutorial to successfully make this greeting card. This handmade greeting card idea is also one of the best valentine cards for kids.

So, get ready to do this card making activity and make a stunning Happy Valentine Day card at home. If you want more ideas for homemade Valentine cards, do explore other Valentine card videos on Crafting Hours! Stay tuned to Crafting Hours for more Valentine day crafts and diy gift ideas!

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